Who am i?

Hi, I'm Sharon

I am not someone who grew up doing yoga, in fact I’d always thought it wasn’t enough of a workout and so had shunned it. The truth was I didn’t really understand what yoga was.

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Where it all began

My life was hectic, stressful and I loved every minute of it. I had a career I loved, that took up far too many hours and for the rest of the time I tried to fit in family, friends, the gym, running and all the 1001 chores that I seemed to have to do. I was constantly juggling my diary and it felt like a great life……. Until it didn’t.

Over the course of a few years I had some serious injuries, resulting in operations and time spent learning to walk again, I suffered from a string of other physical aliments, I was stressed and was in dire need of sleep and rest.

Yoga was the answer for me

At that point I started doing yoga in desperation…. And found I was starting to feel calmer, more centred and stronger both physically and mentally. I also found that my sleep was improving and I was starting to enjoy the simple things in life again; such as walking in the grass barefoot listening to the birds singing. I had finally found something that allowed me some ‘me’ time.

I began to practice breathing techniques (pranayama) as I practiced yoga and found that the benefits were multiplied, particularly as I regained energy.

Instead of feeling as though I’d sold my soul, I began to feel that I cared about me again. A year later I quit my job and trained to become a yoga teacher and that was how RohoYoga came into being.

I now teach Hatha Yoga with a focus on the connection of mind, body and breath.

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