You are the Answer....

05 Jun

Of all the people you will know in a lifetime,
you are the only one you will never leave or lose.
To the question of your life,
You are the only answer.
To the problems of your life,
You are the only solution.

Jo Coudert

I hadn’t planned to write a post today, in fact it hadn’t even occurred to me, however I heard this quote in passing and it resonated with me…. For those that don’t know her Jo Coudert was an American author who wrote a series of books ranging in topic from health and healing to the role of pets in people’s lives. Given what is now happening in the world, her topics suddenly felt as though they were not just interesting to me but pertinent.

I don’t know about you but with every day of this pandemic I am questioning who I am and am generally finding all the emotions very difficult. I am experiencing so many different emotions and, without my usual distraction methods of the gym, working in a busy office, socialising with friends and family etc I am having to deal with all of this and find resources within myself. Instead of going externally I am having to go internally to find strength, resilience, patience….. Everywhere I look there are ‘lessons’ that I am supposed to learn from this pandemic and I’m sure I will do but quite honestly, right now, I just want to get through this strange, emotional, turbulent time.

It’s as if we were all part of a machine that kept on chugging along with everybody moving along well-worn paths (even if we weren’t exactly sure where we were going) and there was a degree of comfort in that. Suddenly, the machine and the path has stopped it’s not like anything I could have ever imagined. So many people are doing all sorts of fantastic things; learning new skills, getting fit and healthy, diy, baking however that isn’t everyone and what I do know is that everybody is reacting to the global situation as well as their own situation differently. The problem is that this pandemic is turning out to be a very confusing and difficult time for many people; it is causing sleeplessness, frustration, anger, fear and even guilt, sometimes all at once and sometimes at different times, over and over. We are having to face ourselves and how we feel and can’t get away from that.

However, this is an incredibly rare opportunity to learn some challenging lessons. It may well be that the result will be a change of perspective as to how we do things on this planet, and I truly hope that does happen, however right now what is happening inside is significant. I could continue to be frustrated or angry or upset however my solution is to practice yoga and that is where I am finding peace and also strength.

Most people turn to yoga to help with physical ailments or improve their physical health, as I did, however yoga has an amazing ability to help to calm the mind. It originated as a system of practices to unite the mind, body and breath with a view to helping people live a harmonious and balanced life. Practicing yoga, even if it’s only for a short while each day or a few times each week gives us precious time to focus on ourselves not only building physical strength and flexibility but mental resilience and clarity as well. And when the mind is clear it is so much easier to manage emotions as well as to find rest in sleep and to enjoy this unusual life we are living.



I believe that practicing yoga will change your life. Whether you want to tone your muscles, ease stress, relieve an aching back or just start to sleep better then you will find something for you in sessions with me.