The key to a healthy body is a good head.

-Somali Proverb

I believe that practicing yoga will change your life. Whether you want to tone your muscles, ease stress, relieve an aching back or just start to sleep better then you will find something for you in sessions with me.

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Yoga Teacher practicing forward fold yoga pose in Berkshire

Hi, I’m Sharon

I teach Hatha Yoga classes with a focus on the connection of mind, body and breath.

When I came to yoga I was stressed, burnt out, not sleeping and with a list of physical ailments as long as my arm. Through the regular practice of yoga I finally found somewhere my mind could be quiet for a while, then I found that I was becoming stronger, more toned, sleeping better and regaining my enthusiasm for life.

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Women practicisng yoga on hill as the sun sets Hatha Yoga Teacher in Berkshire | RohoYoga Qualified Yoga Teacher sat cross legged on yoga mat

Why Yoga?

The focus on static postures aligned to breathing has many health benefits.

Hatha Yoga involves breath, body and mind and is a slower class than a Vinyasa or Ashtanga class.

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